I have everything I have today because I was reading JLA: Year One #1 which attracted the attention of Ashley who introduced me to her friends at Cafe 976 back in 1998. That moment is the Wold Newton of my life. When I started writing this post I was just thinking about how I met my best friend there who introduced me to my girlfriend. And the first boss to provide me with stable employment since the Marine Corps. But it goes way beyond that:

People I met at 976- danifesto, Tina, flareinpink, hober, infopractical, jemvla, redgeekdotnet, kirinqueen, laureltree, maddox3, mpschuster, radium, sunshine__girl and his LJ is gone now, my boss for the last three years- Steve Padilla.

By way of Dan I met the Elsevier crowd- avantard, demonslayer (not an employee but close enough), , radcapdotcom and best of all mollymillions.

Then there are the others that 976er’s introduced me to- bottlroktt, dizfactor, hezaakun (two steps removed), thebarefootrose, tinkerbell_mk, tracyakafrog, leaningshrpfeed (who I met because of a job that Tracy got me. I met Steeler-Carly at one of her shows.), kafkadreams and sewyrn who I was reconnected with because of Erin.

I joined LJ because so many 976er’s had and eventually I met- aliteraryaffair (who introduced me to caramida, teawiththecheat and tinellaq) and animaetrix00 (who introduced me to lattenjoe, namey and vapid_waste)

And if Ted (I think) hadn’t told me about the free wireless at Lestat’s I would have never of met- jessicasix, Nick and thunderwhelmed,

The only people I can’t trace back to 976 are- _ouroboros_, e_c_d_u_b (who introduced me to Kristen who introduced me to: jessimuhka, jonthegm, melampous), modemx and the_bone (who introduced me to nani_blog_feed). And iron_spike> and dirktiede who I met at Comic Con.

Furthermore. Because of that one comic book one on that one night: Carly and Christi are roommates, Steve’s had his last two girlfriends, Dan and Steve are roommates and Dan And Jessica are in their relationship of mysterious nomenclature.

Wow. That’s a lot of my life that goes back to Ashley and Cafe 976, you think I’d appreciate her for it. You think I’d be nostalgic for that place. But I don’t and I’m not.

Ashley I figured out right away. She’s not interested in people, she’s just wants people to be interested in her. I’d never be more that someone who knows her. She is as she is and I don’t dislike her for it, but I can’t like her despite of it.

And Cafe 976, the coffee shop that was my social anchor for six years. Why did I walk away without a word? I’ll get to that next post, this one has gotten far too long.

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