During my break from the novel I:

  1. Put a little work into a comic project, Sorcerer’s Seven. Where I’m taking the Samurai Seven trope and applying it to a contemporary horror setting. I came up with three or four of the sorcerers but ran dry after that.
  2. Considered writing a Choose Your Own Adventure site. With hyperlinks it’s a format that really lends itself to the web. I could use Creative Commons images and sound effects and it’d be a lot easier to make semi-static pages than finishing the programming for Zorjax. I threw down some promising notes but the story I want to do is going to take a lot of research so it goes on the back burner too.
  3. Thought about creating a website for weekly comic book readers called “pulllist.com” or something like that. Users would submit the comics they read by title and every Wednesday it’d compare those lists with Diamond’s list of what to expect at the comic book store. And it’d email a sublist of what to expect to the user’s phone or pda or whatever.
    Again, a lot of programming work that I’m not feeling up to. But I might be able to crack out the basics in Python in my spare time. If I wasn’t so busy.

But the break’s over and I’m plugging away at the third draft. I’ve been working on this book for two and a half years and it’s only three hundred pages. How the hell does Stephan King do it? I’ve been working on this book for longer than I’ve known a lot of the people who are reading this post. I thought I was almost done back in October, now I’m thinking I’ll be lucky to get it done by the end of summer.

But the only way I’ll finish it is if I’ll finish it.

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