I’ve been watching my future TV like a day trader. I see the price rise and fall two or three times a day as the sellers with the lower prices sell out and restock. I watch the review trickle in. We are in the third quarter now if there’s going to be a price cut it will happen sometime soon. When it does I will strike! Like a cobra!! >>>FHISK!!!<<< In an anticipation of the new methadone metronome I've replaced the DVD player because it was starting to crap out on us and I replaced the antenna because... well... we didn't have one before. What we'd been using for it's antenna-like properties was a Dreamcast RF Switch. The funny thing is, Melissa's never owned a Dreamcast. The best we can figure, it's a left over from three boyfriends ago. Well the real antenna get twice as many stations as the RF Switch did, that's twice as much insipid crap, and it's digital ready so the new set will feel at home right away.

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