Best. Con. Ever.
Lots of Grant Morrison, lots of people, lots of purchases.

the stack

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I went there expecting to get the Blue Beetle trades, Flight, Paradigm Shift and Templar, AZ. I have pretty much everything else I need, comics-wise. But two things happened; I got into art books and Writer’s Digest had a booth.

22 inches at ~$800. Two new records.

The advanced ticket sales were obvious the first hour of Preview Night, it was slammed and the Con stayed slammed all weekend long. On Sunday I asked the guy from Nuclear Comics how the recession effected this Comic Con and his answer was “What recession? This was my best Con ever.” Even some self published web comics that I know sold out. (Congratulations, guys!)

And there was a lot of Grant Morrison, which is always awesome.

My Shaky Videos:

Other memorable moments:

  • MC Frontalot specs, eyeware for my freakishly large head.
  • Dan on a DC Nation panel. As the audience Flash expert.
  • RiffTrax Live showing of plan 9 From Outer Space was worth every penny.
  • The Worst Cartoons Ever were horrible. Needless to say we were pleased.
  • At a DC Nation panel one of the fans said that Countdown was the worst thing to happen to him last year. And he’d also been diagnosed as HIV positive.
  • I determined that Twitter did nothing to enhance my Comic Con experience. I might give it another shot next year.
  • Panel Jam: With so many in attendance there was a real problem making it into some of the more popular panels. We couldn’t get into the Lost panel because it was preceded by Heroes. People were camping out in front of the Convention Center overnight just to get into those two panels.
    However, I didn’t have any problems getting into any of the comics-themed panels so what does that say?

This was the third Con in a row where my pro-pass was based on my novel-in-progress. That’s a little embarrassing. So I set some goals: Have the novel done and submitted to publishes and agents by the end of the year, have a pitch ready for Virgin Comics by next year’s Con. I think that’s reasonable.

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