First of all, I don’t do memes:
Secondly, I decided to exclusively list stories, characters, scenes and lines of dialog that have stuck with me ever since I first read them.

  1. Avengers Annual #10: The big fight with The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
  2. The Crime Syndicate of America
  3. Elementals: When Electrocutioner took out Fathom… and all of his own henchwomen
  4. Astro City: The Nearness Of You
  5. 52: Ralph and Sue Dibny, reunited
  6. Sandman Endless Nights:”This girl. Was that what the suicide bird knew? Were you that dog?”
    “Uh. Can I get back to you on that on?”
  7. Preacher: Casey choking a goth on his own poetry
  8. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: “This is the life, eh, Griffin?
  9. Top 10: the Ultramice
  10. Watchmen: Rorschach and the German Shepards
  11. Avengers Forever: “Take that, kitty cat! Hit the floor, Thor!”
  12. Mage: “You should meet her! Sweet girl. Smart. Pretty. Big Butt!”
  13. Kingdom Come: When Superman comes out of retirement and shows them how it’s done.
  14. Small favors: That scene were the girls are doin’ it.
  15. From Hell: The tour of London
  16. Heart of Empire: Everything with the Queen.
  17. Animal Man: When he met Superman.
  18. Animal Man: When he met Grant Morrison.
  19. The Question
  20. Templar, Arizona: “This is the cock of science. Let th’ cock of science fuck you. I gotta cunt of science in the back.”
  21. Fables 1001 Nights of Snowfall: A Frog’s-Eye View
  22. Justice League Antarctica
  23. Watchmen: “I did it 35 minutes ago”
  24. JLA/Avengers: The dog pile on Superman
  25. Hulk: Future Imperfect
  26. Spider-Man
  27. eXiles: King Hyperion
  28. Guy Gardner
  29. JSA: Power Girl vs. Mordru
  30. Sandman: the one with the cats…
  31. Box Office Poison: The excuses and outrages page.
  32. Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality
  33. Enigma: The Interior League
  34. Ex Machina: The Machine begging his jet pack for more speed as he tries to save a falling woman.
  35. Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
  36. Batman: Arkham Asylum
  37. Infinite Crisis: The death of the Freedom Fighters
  38. True Porn, most of it.
  39. Bone, all of it.
  40. Y: The Last Man: Yorick in the crate.
  41. JSA: Mr. Mind inside Brainwave
  42. Finder: Five crazy Women
  43. X-Men vs. the Brood
  44. Avengers vs. Red Ronin
  45. She-Hulk in the Fantastic Four
  46. The Death of Blue Beetle
  47. Starman, whole series
  48. Green Lantern Millennium crossover, Hal Jordon vs the Manhunter
  49. Pantheon: “Dear and Valued Friend”
  50. Wonderman
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