I check three political news sites every day. Okay… 40 times a day… each. The Huffington Post, Politico and The Drudge Report.

But after eight years I’m firing the Drudge. I’m okay with the bias, I don’t want all my news from people who I agree with, and I could even deal with the errors, Drudge’s emphasis is on getting the scoop and speed comes at the sacrifice of accuracy.

Matt Drudge’s conduct in the months leading up the the election crossed the line from biased to desperate. Any poll that had McCain gaining or leading got the headline, so what if there were ten other pools that day with opposite results. Any time a crazy person said something supporting Obama it was a headline, so what if they weren’t connected to the campaign or weren’t even a citizen of this country. If it can make a Democrat look bad it went up.

I read (and recommend) Andrew Sullivan but he doesn’t count as conservative, at least by American standards.

Can anyone recommend a conservative news site that isn’t staffed by lunatics or zealots?

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