Road Trip Vacation in brief:
  • Oregon
    • “Where 25 year olds go to retire.” The low cost of living, depressing weather and wide range of cool but low paying service jobs make this a Hipster paradise.
    • A&W Resteraunts – We don’t have these down in San Diego. And that’s a good thing.
    • The People’s Republic of Oregon has mandated that all gas stations gas stations be full service. Since they pump gas for a living you’s think that they’d be good at it, they spilled gas down the side of my car two out of three times.
    • Powell’s Books made me break the promise I made to myself to read all the books I own before buying new ones. At least most of what I bought were picture books, easily absorbed.
  • Werk called me on Tuesday and Wednesday, pretty much ruining those days for me. What part of ‘vacation’ don’t they understand?
  • Motels. You get what you pay for. We had to back out of staying at one motel that was musty, dark, creepy and staffed by one of the Raving Rabbids.
  • Winchester house. One of my favorite places in California.
  • Driving through LA. The fire gods were on our side, the highways were empty. No traffic through LA or Orange Counties.
  • Pictures
Now back to werk.
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