• Got a PlayStation 3 with Saints Row 2, The Orange Box and Bioshock all of which are very good games.
    • The PS3 is a good machine. I still haven’t played any Blu Ray discs in it yet, but my DVDs look 100% better and I can play various >cough< >cough< downloaded media from the external harddrive.
    • I finished the first chapter of Halflife 2, I kinda wish the game was less shooty because it really had some beautiful levels. The same goes for Bioshock.
    • I have to stop playing Saints Row 2 in front of people. I roll a 100-year-old, white woman with the Foxy Brown voice set. I think an old lady in a skimpy bathing suit destroying the city with a missile launcher is Hilarious but I’ve seriously disturbed everyone I’ve shown this to, except of course who’s completely desensitized to video game violence.
  • The movie is almost done! Editing is happening as I post!
  • The third draft of the novel is almost done! Editing will happen this weekend!
    • Barring any further feedback that might come in, I have one last block of dialog to add to the last chapter and then a final once over before I print out a bunch of copies for the Guild of Literary Intent.
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