Brent SiennaDue to the declining quality of PC laptops I finally broke down and got a Mac. It’s a different world, I know that there’s Unix down there somewhere but it’s buried under a thick layer of GUI. The multi-touch trackpad is kinda neat, but I still prefer the mouse. I really appreciate that the Macbook comes with iMovie and Garage Band, software that’s actually really cool and not a bunch of crippled third party software that I never wanted and every dial-up Internet provider still in business.

Installing software is strange. OS X asks if you want the program to go into the Applications folder by holding up a picture of the program’s icon with an arrow pointing at the folder. I’m supposed to grab the icon and drag it to the folder. It’s like a really simple flash game.

Well I can always put an XP partition on it with Boot Camp if I get tired of lattes and clove cigarettes.

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