Brent SiennaDue to the declining quality of PC laptops I finally broke down and got a Mac. It’s a different world, I know that there’s Unix down there somewhere but it’s buried under a thick layer of GUI. The multi-touch trackpad is kinda neat, but I still prefer the mouse. I really appreciate that the Macbook comes with iMovie and Garage Band, software that’s actually really cool and not a bunch of crippled third party software that I never wanted and every dial-up Internet provider still in business.

Installing software is strange. OS X asks if you want the program to go into the Applications folder by holding up a picture of the program’s icon with an arrow pointing at the folder. I’m supposed to grab the icon and drag it to the folder. It’s like a really simple flash game.

Well I can always put an XP partition on it with Boot Camp if I get tired of lattes and clove cigarettes.

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  1. YES! I bet you will love it!

    Comment by Tracy — January 23, 2009 @ 7:32 pm

  2. When hubby insisted on buying me a MacBook way back when, I rebelled. I only drove a “beemer” (as I called my IBM desktop) and doggone it, I was only going to look through Windows. Apples are for eating and not for living.

    However, I went back to school (UCLA!) and found my MacBook to be a gem. It was lighter than the other laptops, easier to set up and break down (for some reason), plus the WiFi worked better than my classmates who had Dells.

    Today, I’m a Mac Girl. I love it. I’m a little fuzzy on the tech side, but I’m a queen when it comes to getting my friends and students (I teach) to buy them. All it takes is for them to go in and spend 10 minutes at the Genius Bar and then they, too, are Mac Heads.

    However, it does help that we look so cool when we’re sitting in at Starbucks and sipping on our Lattes…

    Comment by Lee Ann — January 25, 2009 @ 2:18 pm

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