The Rules

  • TM stands for Team Member, a member of your team, not one of the other teams.
  • “Stranger” is a non-player. You can’t use the same stranger more than once. Ex-boyfriends are not strangers.
  • The values of items listed {in curly brackets} will be judged by me.
  • For items listed “in quotes” I’m looking for that specific text, usually on a sign but not always.
  • One item per picture.
  • Teams can only get credit of items once per item and require a clear depiction of a TM in every shot.
  • The Boobies picture is an exception
  • The picture of another team taking a picture is also an exception
  • If another team takes a picture of you taking a picture you lose 30 points. Every team can get you once so you can lose hundreds of points if you’re not careful.
  • If you’re taking a picture inside a place of business, be discrete. The Cow is OK but The Black and Galactic Comics are not.
  • “the less appropriate the better” means the less sense the object makes in context the more points you’ll get. A lot of people have had problems with this concept.
  • If you’re the only teem to find an item it’s worth triple score.

The List

The Scores

  1. 665 – Red Jelly Green Jam
  2. 595 – Team Venture
  3. 580 – Chicken Heads
  4. 570 – Team Eye Trama
  5. 480 – Pterrribly Pterrifying Pterrorists
  6. 445 – Massage Fuckers
  7. 430 – Cable 57
  8. 410 – Team Go Fuck Yourself
  9. 210 – Smarmy Marmoset

Complete Set
My Favorites

Congratulations April and Kirsten!

I’m taking Boobies out of the game. I have the power to get twelve women to lift their shirts and with great power comes great responsibility. Besides it doesn’t work for game play. Any team that didn’t get in on the Great Boob Picture of ’09 didn’t stand a chance of winning.

Great game everyone! I can’t wait to do it again next year!

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