Moving off of LiveJournal and onto tonemilazzo has made me more careful. Not only am I self-censoring for banality but also for criminality.

For Example, if I had downloaded and watched a certain mutant movie and I found it to be 120 minutes of nonsense. That it played out like someone had read 100 comics about this unspecified character and then wrote down everything they could remember as fast as they could, a steaming pile of crap that I’m glad I didn’t pay hypothetical money to see… Well I’m just glad that I didn’t do that.

In book news, there’s been some promising steps forward but it’d be gauche to put any details in print. Let’s just say that my query letter works.

So there you have it, I didn’t see a horrible movie and I sent letter. I’ll try to get beat-up by cops in the near future so I have something more interesting to blog about.

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