Imperial Japanese Navy. US Marine Corps. Fight!

There’s a elegance to a simple idea well executed. Two sides, three character types, three islands all carnage.

  • The guns sound like actual guns, that includes impacts, what I really liked was that gun fire from far away has that some muffled sound they do in real life.
  • Someone should have told the voice actor that the ‘Fi’ in ‘Semper Fi’ rhymes with ‘pie’ not ‘pea’.
  • This game is very lethal, guns actually kill rather than inconvenience, it also has a nasty tendency to respawning you right in the middle of the action. So you die alot. So you get frustrated. And you start to hate the other team. And the racism begins, it doesn’t matter what side they are. I find myself raging against the “Round-eyed foreign devils” half the time.
  • I’m a horrible pilot. With machine guns and bombs the only way I can score a kill is by running into something.
  • Everything breaks. Buildings, vehicles and plants. By the time the game is over the island is a burn wreck.

Well worth $15. The problem is since it’s a download I’ll never be free I can’t hide the disk from myself like I did with Team Fortress 2.

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