It’s hard to believe that I’ve been hating on The Phantom Menace for almost 10 years now. Though that’s not really true, I don’t feel strongly enough about Star Wars to really hate anything about it. I don’t even hate Ewoks, never did. I need a new emotion for how I feel, whatever is at the midpoint between hate and ambivalence. Because it’s not Star Wars that I’m rejecting, it’s the hype surrounding it and the industry that drives it.

Red Letter Media over at Youtube has awakened a sleeping anger in me. He points out how sloppy The Phantom Menace is as a story. Driven not by plot or character but by hubris. There are so many of us who’re out here carefully working on our art, trying to make it the best it can be but this hamfisted dinosaur is sucking up all the market share.

And he’s pretty damned funny too. I hope that hooker’s okay.

In seven parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven

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