Oh man, scoring this was a lot of work and it took all day to upload half a gig of pictures to flickr. I think next year I’m going to offer a 50 point bonus to any team that doesn’t submit any extraneous pictures or else I’ll have to scale back.

25 – TM and a Stranger with a hand in each other’s pants pocket.
{5,10,15} – TM as a doe–eyed innocent.
{10,15,20} – TM is furious at an inanimate object, the less appropriate the better.
10 – A book by Tim Powers
15 – TM with two gummi fried eggs over their eyes. Buy them at The Candy Depot 3955 5th Ave.
10 – An animatronic chimp.
10 – “Babycakes
15 – TM and a Stranger being eaten alive by ants.
15 – Both TM’s being photobombed by a stranger.
15 – TM striking a pose from Muscle March in front of the protein powder store.
10 – “39
{10,15,20} – TM coveting an inanimate object, the less appropriate the better.
20 – A dog is talking on my cell phone, your argument is invalid.
25 – A Stranger as keyboard cat playing off a TM.
{10,20,30} – The Question. 30 pts for drawn by Ditko, 20 pts for Cowan, 10 pts for anyone else.
{5,10,15} – The gayest non–sexual thing in Hillcrest.
20 – “Panda
15 – A number (like a phone number) consisting of only the numbers from Lost.
20 – TM very excited by nudity in a book, pictured nudity must be pictured.
20 – “Eric Elegado
{10,20,30} – TM with the lower half of the face on any US currency imposed over the lower half of their face.
15 – TM laughing while a stranger dies.
30 – TM holding the elusive Major Meteor.
{10,15,20} – TM in fear of an inanimate object, the less appropriate the better.
20 – “Five Two Tattoo Shop
20 – A monkey being served by a crab.
10 – Worms–eye view of a TM.
15 – TM’s arm being twisted by a Stranger.
15 – TM giving Edward Cullen the finger.
15 – TM doing Tai Chi with a Stranger.
30 – TM pointing at another team taking a picture, other team loses 30 pts. (I think I’ll be retiring this rule this year.)
25 – TM giving a hug to gay Italian from another team. Teams with gay Italians don’t qualify for this item but will get 5pts for every hug they get. (I should have written this rule as “getting a hug” because this resulted in a lot of hug-rape.)

  1. 460 pts The Princess Paisanos
  2. 425 pts The Bod Squad
  3. 385 pts Drunk in Curlers
  4. 355 pts Even More Awesome Sauce
  5. 340 pts The Awesomes
  6. 270 pts Hell Is Other People
  7. 220 pts Jesus Punchers
  8. 195 pts Hairdressers On Fire
  9. 160 pts The Main Meals
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