I first started reading DC Comics right after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, which provided the DCU with a clean sweep, more or less. It was a good jumping on point because everything was new-ish and didn’t require an encyclopedic knowledge of decades of continuity.

But that was a long time ago and DC is running with more baggage than ever and while I can keep up with every new character (thanks to Wikipedia) more and more I don’t want to. Since no one really dies in the DCU there’s a saturation point off in the distance where Mundane-American are the new minority.

I could jump ship to Marvel but they have decades of mutants clotting the system and not one, but four crossovers going on at the moment. They’re following the Lay Chips business model, you can’t read just one, ’cause you’ll never be able to follow the story.

Or maybe the problem is I’m too old to be reading comics. Nope. Because they keep using characters like Cable or Rachael Summer’s as if their personal time lines made a lick of sense.

There’s something to be said for death and entropy.

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