Number is an easy book to skip. It’s mostly census information, new laws and rituals regarding purification and vows. Oh and the Canaanite Genocide starts here, but no one wants to hear about genocide.

The Levites are an exception to many of the rules here. They’re the one tribe not allowed to own land since Yahweh is their inheritance and they handle a lot of the rituals for the Israelites. Speaking of Yahweh, God is starting to feel unappreciated and understandably so. Many of Isrealites feel they had it better in Egypt especially when confronted by the Anakin giants (ancestors of Goliath) and a number of rebellions have to be put down. Wandering the desert with only manna to eat gets old after a few decades.

The Tassel Is Law!

To remind his people of God’s constant presence he dictates that their clothing should be trimmed with violet tassels. Okay.

The Isrealites won’t eat their manna anymore and God responds with a plague of fiery serpents, which is more effective than pretending their spoon is a train.

Booty and its Allocation, that really what this section is called

Taking a breather in Shittim, some of the Isrealites participate in the Moabite culture, and by culture I mean religion and prostitution. Yahweh ordered those Isrealites put to death, and the entire Midianite civilization for tempting his people.
After slaughtering the men and returning with the women and children as prisoners Moses is outraged. He said, “Why have you spared the life of all the woman?” Numbers 31:15 and promptly orders the women and boys slaughtered and the girls taken as property, and I think we know what that implies.

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