And it’s less than a week away. Ah Comic Con, my favorite holiday. And even though I’ll have a pro badge, a valid one this time, I still don’t quite feel like I’ve arrived. Picking Up the Ghost doesn’t come out for another month and because of the Canadian mail carrier strike I might not even have an advanced reader copy with me as proof of my adequacy.

Stupid postmen.

But there’s money to be spent, $100 maybe $200. And the panels look pretty good. Lots of Grant Morrison. I’m breaking my no TV and movie panel policy for a chance to see Joe Hill talk about Locke & Key. And many more writer-centric panels to give me a place to learn and sit down. And some panels that just seem quaint; Beavis and Butthead, Napoleon Dynamite and three Lost panels? Really?

My Sched:

Is it just me or is the MySched less spectacular this year? I can’t seem to connect with my many and vast social circles.

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