I gave a ten minute presentation, served screwdrivers and had the Cuttlefish there for photo ops.
The rest of the pictures here

I sold 33 books at Mysterious Galaxy in Saturday- the 25 they ordered and 8 from the Diamond box ChiZine sent me for Wizard Wold LA. They also kept 8 on consignment and I sold 2 on the street leaving me with 12 for my
signing at the Mission Valley Library next month plus whatever consignment is left over. So that’s pretty awesome.

Wizard World LA was postponed indefinitely so I can safely sell everything at the library.

The bad-ish news is that all of these sales were to people I know and 1 person who just happened to be in the store at the time. So all the promotion I did, the flyers and the press releases, the posts, none of that brought a single body into the store. That’s a little frustrating and I’m glad I haven’t planned my SoCal book tour just yet. Maybe November would be a better time, hopefully some hype will build by then.

Next month I’m going to produce a 30 second audio commercial for podcasts and such. And I’ve gotten three offers for interviews so hey, something’s working.

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