Last week I was interviewed by Miguel Rodriguez on Monster Island Resort, the world’s most dignified horror podcast. I think it came out pretty well considering that I was an interview virgin.

I gotta keep putting myself out there if I’m going to expand my fan base beyond my friend base. It’s still weird talking about the book. For one thing I have to watch what I say, there’s no spoilers tag in conversation. But while writing the book I wasn’t talking about the book. I didn’t want to be one of those guys who talked about the novel that never materialized. Now that it has, it’s still taking some effort to change gears.

Well there’s more where that came from. There are a couple more print/press interviews that are still pending. And on October 8th I’ll be attending Oceanside Arts Clash! on the corner of Tremont St. and Wisconsin. It’s an art and writing for kids, brought to us by A Word with You Press and the first time I’ll be presenting my book to an audience of strangers.

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Big Talk/Small Business
Big Talk/Small Business
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