There are a lot of mid-list authors out there looking for promotion and a lot of us getting interviewed on podcasts to do it. But the bulk of an author’s interview consists of plugging the most recent book without spoilers, expounding on writing techniques and lamenting the state of the publishing industry.

Certainly of interest to aspiring writers and the author’s fans but I’m not sure if these interviews are bringing in new fans.

So here’s what I’m thinking, a video podcast with rotating cast of four writers (or editors, web cartoonists, critics, anyone who makes or critiques stories), teams of two, comparing bodies of work. Like Batman vs. James Bond, Star Wars vs. Dune or The Dark Tower vs. Chronicles of Amber.

As moderator I’d be moving the debate through three phases:
1) Craft. Which is better executed
2) Art. Which has more meaning and influence.
3) Combat. Who would win in a fight.

I’ll be using Google+ Hangout for a couple of reasons; Hangout would handle the editing, sound levels, connection and it automatically uploads to YouTube. I can link to their sites right on the post rather than mention the urls in passing. It’ll give everyone involved some face exposure to help build their brands and cross-pollinate their fan bases.

If you’re interested in being on one of the upcoming fights you can Enter the Ring or if you have a fight of your own to pitch I’m taking offers now.

Pop Culture Pit Fight

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