I’ve been trying to imagine what Fallout would have been like if inspired by other decades and I keep coming up flat.

That sweet and sour combination of the World of the Future™ and the nuclear holocaust. A retrospective of the the cold war. The cold war covered 4 and a half decades but Fallout had to take place in the early 50s since it was the time of the highest optimism, the US had just saved the world from the Axis powers, we were the only major economy to come out of it with our industry intact and our closest rival, the USSR, was hardly in our league.

On the other hand, millions of G.I.s had witnessed the most horrible war the world had ever seen and knew that if it happened again it would be fought with atomic fire.

The closest I could think of was the late 60s/ early 70s post-civil rights amendment times of hippies and free love but the Manson Family and the Symbionese Liberation Army. Social issues rather than future shock. When science fiction has a crystal gazing New Age vibe to it. That’d be a whole other game.

Maybe something set in the 80s could work but since I lived them I lack the objective perspective.

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