Well we finally moved out of the apartment and into full-time adulthood. The only life-marks left to hit now are retirement and death woo hoo! Seriously though it’ll be nice to have control of our environment for a change, well mostly. I guess we can’t do too much about the guy in the camper who makes our block part of his schedule.

I also leaned that packing and unpacking is much harder when you have a kitchen and a full entertainment system. I kinda miss that about being a single dude who did everything on his computer.

Couple of hangups:
1. For a week there was a hole on the wall where we took out the fake mantlepiece. That hole led down into the crawlspace under the house and gave the living room a House of Leave vibe.

2. Electricity is not overrated. We spent the Thanksgiving weekend without power. But I’d much rather do without power than water. I can light a candle when it’s dark, there’s no equivalent to that when you gotta poop.

3. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. We ordered The Ultimate Bed for storage (and it will someday serve as our coffin, hence the name) but we can’t put the bead together until we stain it in the driveway. And it keeps threatening to rain. So all our clothing is temporarily on the bookshelves.

But man, is it quieter here than in the apartment that was next to assisted housing.

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