Two cloud storage services went to war on my new computer. MEGA and One Drive dumped all their contents into the same folder, then both locked up because they were full. In the extrication process, I lost half the data.

(Yes, I’ll backup my backup going forward. No reason to suggest this.)

I salvaged some off another computer before it synced the destruction. Dropbox still held the oldest of the files, from back when that was my cloud storage. And a large chunk of the PDFs I can download again from the source. The worst thing to go missing was the 20,000 words I’d written on my next novel, the sequel to The Faith Machine. All gone, every word of it.

So I got inebriated, spent an hour watching Falco videos on YouTube, and resigned myself to rewriting the first two fifths of a novel. Then it hit me, it was still on my NEO 2.

Extracting the files from the NEO became its own series of digital hurtles, but I got them. All I lost was the first pass of copy edits.

That hour was the longest week of my life. Computers suck and I hate them.

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