The Blog is Dead, Long Live the Mailing List!

by | Sep 6, 2021

I miss blogs. I really do

My Internet Golden Age was around 2005 when everyone was on LiveJournal sharing 10 to 200 words a day. Just text, no memes because no one had free image hosting. Your posts were just your posts, not data some social media giant uses to sell you on the latest toothpaste startup.

But no one reads blogs anymore. RSS died with Google Reader. I’ve tried piping links to blog posts on social media, but Facebook and Twitter will suppress those posts to make room for more ads. I also tried using the Jetpack plugin to make the blog a mailing list with mediocre results.

I realized this blog was dead when I announced I was deleting old posts. The universal reaction was, “You had a blog?”

Thus I’m moving my outreach off this blog and social media and onto a mailing list.

While technically a step back in time to the pre-blogging era, email delivery is more reliable, and less contemptible, than social media. And y’all can subscribe to just the categories you’re interested in, so I can post without feeling like I’m spamming anyone.So if you’re one of the few still following this blog via the RSS feed or the old subscription, please resubscribe to one or more of the following lists:


Novels, Comics, Games, and more. Maybe some personal news thrown in.


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Just Novels and Short Fiction

More ESPionage novels and short stories on the way


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Just Comics

Currently, developing a 5-issue limited series called The Jade Queen.


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Just Games

Latest on the ESPionge Role-Playing Game for Fate Condensed and Savage Worlds.


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  1. David S

    I’m all in- keep that news coming! I’ll probably be up to speed on gaming already, tho. 😜


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