Midjourney into Mystery

by | Oct 3, 2022

The Beta release of the ESPionage RPG is almost ready. I don’t want to distribute it as a plain Word document, nor am I prepared to commission art, considering it doesn’t have a proper layout. But, having seen some of the fantastic pieces Midjourney turned out, I figured I’d see if could grind out some placeholder art.
You feed Midjourney a prompt, and it makes an image it feels matches.
As I suspected, the products were good, but the communication left something to be desired. Midjourney is good at producing quality art, but not the art I asked for.

My first prompt: “psychics and spies red and black in saul bass style” (Saul Bass being the artist whose style I’m biting). I didn’t ask for gray aliens, but there it is.

psychics and spies red and black in saul bass style
Steven Yeun as james bond
Since I pictured Steven Yeun in the role of Dr. Ken Park, I asked for “Steven Yeun as James Bond.” If you squint, you can see it. I suspect the AI’s better trained on other celebrities.

It’s good at creating its own abstracts, but the range of abstraction is limitless. Try and point it to a target, and it rarely hits. Don’t ask me why, but I asked for “man in a dark suit with a baby for a head, photorealistic.”

man in a dark suit with a baby for a head, photorealistic
spies noir jack kirby
Of the artists it knows, most are fine artists. It has a vague awareness of the King. Here’s “spies noir jack kirby.”
And Here’s “ESPionage,” Pretty sure this is case insensitive.
Sometimes, simple is better. Here’s “telekinesis.”
Sometimes it throws a style out there you didn’t ask for. “ESPionage spies with telepathy”
ESPionage spies with telepathy
spy stealing classified documents illustrated pen and ink 21th century
I hit a real stride with “spy stealing classified documents illustrated pen and ink 21st century” a lot of usable images came from that prompt.
Same for “soviet spy returning gunfire, hyperrealistic. “
soviet spy returning gunfire, hyperrealistic
More next week!


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