And the Winner is…n’t me.

The San Diego Book Award for Published SciFi, Fantasy, & Horror went to the lovely and talented Lisa Kessler’s Night Walker. Congratulations to her!

The evening wasn’t a total loss for the Milazzo’s I met three more San Diegaen writers of speculative fiction, which is what they call networking. But more importantly, the A Year in Ink Vol. 4 by San Diego Writers, Ink won for Published – Anthology/Short Story Collection. Melissa has a piece in there but didn’t know it was in the running. So she came as my date and left as a winner. Go Mel!

Mall of the Orange King, a Kindle exclusive.

I can’t be a 21st Century author if I don’t ePublish an eShortStory. Two questions were the genesis of Mall of the Orange King :

  1. What if someone were to write Conan style pulp adventures set in the early 21st Century?
  2. What if Conan was a 21 year old Asian girl?

And it’s free all this week. Go get it.

Taking this Social Networking Thing More Seriously.

Indy Quillen‘s panel on Social Media was one of the better ones from the Southern California Writers Conference. I thought I had this all figured out, ostensibly I do this for a living, but she had a lot of good ideas about spam Social Marketing that rang true. Here’s what I took away from it:


  1. Take Twitter more seriously. It doesn’t have to be about lunch. It’s better to think of Twitter as a chatroom without walls where anyone can wander in or out of conversation. And to use #hashtags to draw interest.
  2. Don’t pipe any of these services into the others automatically. I disengaged my Twitter from Facebook. I’ve always told people “If you know me on Facebook you don’t need to know me on Twitter.” There will still be some redundant content, but now I’ll be rewriting and expanding these microblogs for Facebook and keep it mercifully clear of #twitterShortHand.
  3. Use microblogs to drive traffic to the blog. The blog is still the core of my online identity since it’s the only platform that I have complete control over. So blog posts will be announced on Twitter with hashtags and Facebook without. Each with a few extra works for a little spin. Because not everyone gets Feed Readers, but everyone gets Twitter.


  1. I love Feed Readers but I don’t want to alienate the less tech savvy, so I added the Subscribe2 plugin so people can subscribe via email.
  2. You know those annoying share icons for Social Media site we see everywhere these days? Turns out some people like them, but I don’t like the way they look so I used the Sharebuttons by Lockerz plugin to provide those links behind a discreet blue plus sign.
  3. I added a post about the book and stuck it to the top of the page. Much better than the link in the sidebar. I really can’t believe that I didn’t think of that before.
  4. Develop something else to blog about, that isn’t writing. This is going to be a tough one. As long as I have a day job and writing at night there’s not much room for hobbies. I’ll continue to think about this one.

There you go, I’m all caught up with the latest Social Media techniques. For now.

Author of Picking Up the Ghost

book cover
Living in St. Jude, a 110-year-old dying city on the edge of the Mississippi, is tough. But when a letter informs fourteen-year-old Cinque Williams of the passing of the father he never met, he is faced with an incomplete past and an uncertain future. A curse meant for his father condemns Cinque to a slow death even as it opens his eyes to the strange otherworld around him. With help from the ghost Willy T, an enigmatic White Woman named Iku, an African Loa, and a devious shape-shifter, Cinque gathers the tools to confront the ghost of his dead father. But he will learn that sometimes too much knowledge can be dangerous—and the people he trusts most are those poised to betray him.

First four chapters are free, depending on how good you are at solving puzzles.

Reviews – What’s Being Said About Tone Milazzo & Picking Up the Ghost

African magic and folklore color this unusual coming-of-age story . . . . [T]his debut entertains with an original approach and mix of breezy humor and dark fantasy.
Publishers Weekly

If Salvador Dali were an author, his work might resemble Tone Milazzo’s Picking Up the Ghost. Okay, maybe Milazzo’s book has a little more structure than Dali’s melting pocket watches. But there is no doubt that Milazzo can paint a world with words, and the surreal setting he created for this coming-of-age adventure is both dazzling and terrifying. . . . [E]ven if you’re not an urban fantasy fan, I definitely recommend this book. Milazzo has unique style that is downright weird, but has a literary quality to it. I think we can expect more great stories from him.
SF Revu

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