A new year and a new blog

It’s time that LiveJournal and I went our separate ways. Sure we had some laughs, the outages, the ads, the russian mob. But I’m getting close to a point where real publishers and agents might be looking at my site. My whole site needed an update and part of that involves hosting my own blog.

So long, LiveJournal, and do svidaniya!

Fake Progress!

The fake books are in!

Fake Progress

This isn’t real publishing. My writer’s workshop needed hard copies of the novel to read and Lulu was cheaper than photocopies.
But I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with the print quality. Print-on-demand has come a long way.
The workshop will be giving me their feedback on the 10th. Hopefully this draft won’t require an extensive rewrite and I’ll be submitting to publishers before Spring.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Got a PlayStation 3 with Saints Row 2, The Orange Box and Bioshock all of which are very good games.
    • The PS3 is a good machine. I still haven’t played any Blu Ray discs in it yet, but my DVDs look 100% better and I can play various >cough< >cough< downloaded media from the external harddrive.
    • I finished the first chapter of Halflife 2, I kinda wish the game was less shooty because it really had some beautiful levels. The same goes for Bioshock.
    • I have to stop playing Saints Row 2 in front of people. I roll a 100-year-old, white woman with the Foxy Brown voice set. I think an old lady in a skimpy bathing suit destroying the city with a missile launcher is Hilarious but I’ve seriously disturbed everyone I’ve shown this to, except of course who’s completely desensitized to video game violence.
  • The movie is almost done! Editing is happening as I post!
  • The third draft of the novel is almost done! Editing will happen this weekend!
    • Barring any further feedback that might come in, I have one last block of dialog to add to the last chapter and then a final once over before I print out a bunch of copies for the Guild of Literary Intent.