Congradulations, Tina and Josh!

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14 pages since Friday. Though, to be fair I salvaged maybe five of those from the previous draft, from huge blocks of text that I thought I’d have to cut entirely.

Still, I’m pretty happy with myself. I’m a whole lot closer to my goal: Draft 3.0 done by November.

But now I gotta stop and do some research.

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Swords and Suckery

I don’t have nearly the patience for world building that I used to. Back when I was a kid I wanted my fiction to be a transcendental experience. I wanted fantasy worlds that had nothing in common with the real one.

After nine and a half books of the Wheel of Time I don’t think I’ll ever read about another fake planet populated with the same elf-like beings on one side, orc-like beings on the other and humans in the middle.

I don’t know if this is because I’ve become more satisfied with the real world and my place in it or if I’ve become less satisfied with attempts at fictional world building. So much of it is just more of the same-old painted over with funny words.

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Disaster kit disaster.

While looking for vacuum cleaner bags on the hall closet floor I discovered a plastic tub of black, slimy water. Seems that Whatshisface prepared an emergency preparedness kit, including batteries, glow sticks a corkscrew opener (?) and a leaky bottle of water, one gallon. So this disgusting battery stew had been fermenting in there for over two years.

Let me tell ya, it tasted horrible.

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Yesterday’s movie took 8 hours to shoot and we got ~58 minutes of footage.
I really shouldn’t add up these receipts, I should just put them out of my mind.

Now it’s in the editor’s able hands.

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more movie madness

Jessie and I went around thrift stores and real stores for four hours buying ~$500 dollars of costuming and props.

Safe to say that this is the most shopping I’ve ever done in one day. I don’t know how you chicks do it.

The costumes have all gone to the cleaners or through the wash to get rid of that AmVets smell and I left all the props stuff with Jessie for her to play with.

When i came up with this idea I really didn’t have a sense of scale. I’m still absorbing the magnitude of shooting a one to three minute film.

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Jessie Wilson is shooting our wedding announcement video on the 21st!


9/21 (Sunday), San Diego. If you would like to play the LIVING DEAD in a one day production, please let me know. We are looking for up to 20 bodies. Feel free to forward this to your friends.

We’re filming a trailer for the fake zombie movie “Till Death Do Us Part”.
PLOT: A wedding goes awry when the congregation turns into the living dead and tries to eat the bride and groom.

If you’d like to be a Zombie, please reserve 9/21 from 9:30AM to 7:00 PM, (we need you the whole time, but it will be bloody fun and meals are provided).

Frolic with other un-dead, ensure your infamy… What more can you ask?

Details to come in a few days. Please respond if you’re interested in eating bride brains!

You’ll need wedding attire that you’re not too attached to. Since there’s a good chance it’ll get blood and makeup all over it.
I believe everyone will start the day playing humans and end up as zombies.

Bring your friends!

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This amused me enough to throw in $500 of my own.

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First of all, I don’t do memes:
Secondly, I decided to exclusively list stories, characters, scenes and lines of dialog that have stuck with me ever since I first read them.

  1. Avengers Annual #10: The big fight with The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
  2. The Crime Syndicate of America
  3. Elementals: When Electrocutioner took out Fathom… and all of his own henchwomen
  4. Astro City: The Nearness Of You
  5. 52: Ralph and Sue Dibny, reunited
  6. Sandman Endless Nights:”This girl. Was that what the suicide bird knew? Were you that dog?”
    “Uh. Can I get back to you on that on?”
  7. Preacher: Casey choking a goth on his own poetry
  8. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: “This is the life, eh, Griffin?
  9. Top 10: the Ultramice
  10. Watchmen: Rorschach and the German Shepards
  11. Avengers Forever: “Take that, kitty cat! Hit the floor, Thor!”
  12. Mage: “You should meet her! Sweet girl. Smart. Pretty. Big Butt!”
  13. Kingdom Come: When Superman comes out of retirement and shows them how it’s done.
  14. Small favors: That scene were the girls are doin’ it.
  15. From Hell: The tour of London
  16. Heart of Empire: Everything with the Queen.
  17. Animal Man: When he met Superman.
  18. Animal Man: When he met Grant Morrison.
  19. The Question
  20. Templar, Arizona: “This is the cock of science. Let th’ cock of science fuck you. I gotta cunt of science in the back.”
  21. Fables 1001 Nights of Snowfall: A Frog’s-Eye View
  22. Justice League Antarctica
  23. Watchmen: “I did it 35 minutes ago”
  24. JLA/Avengers: The dog pile on Superman
  25. Hulk: Future Imperfect
  26. Spider-Man
  27. eXiles: King Hyperion
  28. Guy Gardner
  29. JSA: Power Girl vs. Mordru
  30. Sandman: the one with the cats…
  31. Box Office Poison: The excuses and outrages page.
  32. Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality
  33. Enigma: The Interior League
  34. Ex Machina: The Machine begging his jet pack for more speed as he tries to save a falling woman.
  35. Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
  36. Batman: Arkham Asylum
  37. Infinite Crisis: The death of the Freedom Fighters
  38. True Porn, most of it.
  39. Bone, all of it.
  40. Y: The Last Man: Yorick in the crate.
  41. JSA: Mr. Mind inside Brainwave
  42. Finder: Five crazy Women
  43. X-Men vs. the Brood
  44. Avengers vs. Red Ronin
  45. She-Hulk in the Fantastic Four
  46. The Death of Blue Beetle
  47. Starman, whole series
  48. Green Lantern Millennium crossover, Hal Jordon vs the Manhunter
  49. Pantheon: “Dear and Valued Friend”
  50. Wonderman
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So much for that.

Once the novel was done I was going to put together a pitch to Virgin Comics. Sort of a Mudgala Purana in space.

Glad I didn’t put too much effort into it.

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