Why I hate myspace reason #177




Oct 8, 2005 7:26 PM

Flag spam/abuse. [ ? ]

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I think she really likes me!


Setting: Last night, Tone’s living room. Tone is sitting at home watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch having just gotten it home minutes ago. The phone rings, it’s Brandee. Tone pauses the DVD and answers.

Tone: Hey, hot stuff, what’s up?
Brandee: Whacha doin’?
Tone: Guess.
Brandee: Sitting at home and watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch?
Tone: Sorceress!!! [hangs up phone, hides in closet]

Weeks of Condensed Blogging

  • My neck feels better, despite the fact that I still haven’t gotten the drugs I was prescribed. According to our HMO’s standard operating procedure they’ve cashed my companies checks while not providing us coverage.
  • I would recommend Serenity I can’t say the same for MirrorMask.
  • I was going to play my last game of D&D last night. It turned out to be my first (and probably last) game of Unknown Armies instead. I’ve reclaimed my Tuesdays.
  • I submitted a few Hundred Word Stories to City Beat‘s Fiction 101 contest.
  • I haven’t written anything I’ve been happy with in months.
  • Magick- concentrating solely on one’s own breathing for thirty minutes is really, really hard.
  • I’m seriously considering applying for next year’s Masters of Library & Information Science with an Informatics Specialization at UCLA. This’ll probably mean volunteering at a library for a letter of rec.
  • Dan’s Gateway Comics is on fire.
  • I’ve been really gassy lately. Which I will put to good use tonight. Since he doesn’t get home from work until 10pm these days. While Steve and I watch Lost tonight I’ll be hotboxing Dan’s room.
  • And there’s another one of these.

Computers are trying to kill me.

The neck problems I’ve had since I started working at a computer for 8+ hours a day have gotten worse. Usually a visit with the activator sets things right but this time the pain kept coming back so I broke down and visited a real doctor.
He prescribed a muscle relaxant and referred me to a physical therapist. Or at least he would have if I had some kind of medical insurance. Seems that my company health care was canceled back in July.
I’m in constant pain which gets worse every time I turn my head, lay down or stand up.
Yeah this weekend’s going to be fun.
That’s it. Once I get my credit card and car loan paid off I’m going to grad-school. I don’t know what for yet but when I’m done I’ll be in a field where I don’t have to sit in front of a damn computer all day.