12,666 words. That’s about 50 pages.

Then some dude spilled his drink in my vicinity and I decided it was time to go home.


  1. For Mothers Day I moved twelve boxes into my mom’s garage and took her to Jack In The Box.
    Don’t look at me like that, that’s what she asked for: A small orange shake and a dollar chicken sandwich. I couldn’t even talk her up to the Chipotle Chicken Sandwich.
  2. I was spacey all week and only got 500 words written. Now I have some catching up to do.

Someone owes me a Multiverse

Infinite Crisis is over and as I reflect I say “Great story, lots of fan service, but… what’s the difference?”

Wonder Woman helped found the Justice League of America once again. Batman still fights for Gotham, even though his parents’ killer was caught.
There are recorded rumors of Superman’s activities before his appearance in Metropolis. And that’s just the beginning.

That’s it? After seven issues, four preceding mini-series and a buttload of crossovers instead of being a story with consequences on the scale of Crisis on Infinite Earths Infinite Crisis is just on the scale of Zero Hour?

I was all behind the original Crisis and even Zero Hour. But now I think that the DCU is outgrowing a single universe. Some fans want their Batman to be a dark hunter of the night, some want him to be the kind of guy who smiles, jokes and thinks that putting a Batmask on a dog is a good idea. A Multiverse has something for everyone.

And maybe it’s back after all. The ghost of the Golden Age Batman appeared in JSA. Wildstorm’s Mr Majestic spent some time in the DCU and Captain Atom found himself in the Wildstorm universe(once) and returned (twice!). And that sure looks like the Monitor on the cover of DCU: Brave New World.
Will there be more in 52?

If not, then I’ll just form my own Multiverse!
With Blackjack!
..an’ hookers!

In fact! Forget about the Multiverse an’ the Blackjack!

Ah… forget the whole thing.

So many birthdays…

Saturday was the birthday celebrations of , and .

As I was hosting the party for April I was unavailable for anything else. Not that I was in the loop for Carly’s surprise anyway.

I’d considered photoshopping the three of them onto a picture of Charlie’s Angels but then work got too hectic.

I think it was damn inconsiderate of them; being born so close. Maybe next year will be different.

Anyway, Belated Birthday’s a’ll!