24 Hour Comic

This Saturday, Steve Schwab and I will be attempting to put together a 24 page comic in 24 hours. The 24 Hour Comic Day is an annual competition started by Scott McCloud years ago. Comickaze in Clairemont is the San Diego Sponsor. From noon till noon we’ll I’ll be at the nearby Godfather’s Pizza (7878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd # G).
Anyone who wants to stop by and visit us will have 24 hours to do it.

Edit: Steve’s boss wouldn’t let him have the day off so we won’t be making it to the 24 Hour Comic Day.

Edit the Edit: I’m going to go ahead and do the 24 Comic without Steve. What have I got to lose? Time? I have plenty of time.

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I logged into Friendster for the first time in a while. It seems that the recent “upgrade” nuked all of my old settings. There was a message telling me what happened, maybe it says that the nuke isn’t permanent, but I didn’t bother to read it.
small loss

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…this Metzger is the founder of Disinformation portal to left-wing politics, critic of mainstream media, publisher and midnight “head fuck” TV series.
Dan () and I drove up to Re-evolution, a counter culture bookstore in Tarzana, to check it out. On the way up Nicco () happened to call and we invited him along. Speaking of weird, on the same block is this storefront built to look like a car grill.

Richard is a modern Robert Leroy Ripley (believe it or not) and his work usually focuses on the weird and unusual, subjects close to my heart.
He showed a few segments from the series he did for the BBC before answering questions.

Interesting facts:

  • When the conservative financial backer of disinfo.com discovered that the site wasn’t just about UFO’s, paranoids and weirdos but in fact held a strong left-wing bias Richard blackmailed him to save it.
  • Dan discovered DMT and I’m again reconsidering soberity.
  • When crazy people see themselves being interviewed on TV they’re never worried that they look crazy, they’re more concerned with the production elements, like lighting.

Afterward, Nicco and I talked in person for the first time in about six years. It was a worthwhile trip and I think that future expeditions to LA are definitely in order.

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In no particular order:

  1. Save a little time by hooking up an RSS aggregator.
  2. Develop character for Backwater a Flash animation, adventure series , and I are going to develop. Mostly Done.
    The three protagonists have been tossed into an alien swamp together and they have to try to survive. Each of us is supposed to create one of the main characters. The kernel is the hard part, I’ve decided on an idiot-savant version of Socrates. I liked the idea of an imaginary friend (his daimon) and the ability to destroy someone by just asking “why?” over and over.
  3. so-then.org… is going to take longer to write than I thought. It’s going to be an “open fiction project” where writers can contribute up to 512 letters to a ongoing story. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks evaluating open source message board systems and groupware, but none of them are quite right. So it looks like I’ve going to have to write the whole thing myself. Which means I have to read all 700 pages of PHP and PostgreSQL.
  4. Review the Not Necessarily the Justice League and Supreme Power trade paperbacks for the Reviewer to give journalism a try.
  5. Continue researching for Pulp Fission, a 1950’s style scifi story that’ll be my next big comic project. Not going so well. I borrowed Women Who Run with the Wolves and The Portable Dorthy Parker from a friend and haven’t opened either of them. The computer stuff’s kept me busy.
  6. Write a script to pull the 100 Word Stories from my Live Journal and present them on their own page. Half done. I have the presentation part down, the pulling hasn’t been as smooth. At first I thought I might write a perl script that would read LJ’s RSS feed once a week and add any new stories to the database. BUt that’s sloppy. Instead, I’m going to modify an LJ client to submit to LJ and the database simultaneously.
  7. Prepare an ashcan for the San Diego Comic Con. New Idea. At the Con I like to buy those little amateur comics by independent artists. But I spend $40 and most of them aren’t very good… But if I had my own ashcan I could barter their shitty little $2 comic for my shitty little $2 comic.
    Maybe Steve and I can make one on The 24 Hour Comic Day
  8. Oh yeah, I should get a job. Last week I went around to a bunch of companies in San Diego that do web development and submitted a resume in person. I got one brief interview out of it and a few e-mails. No one said that they’re hiring right away but maybe in the next month. Better results than the thousands of resumes I’ve e-mailed out over the years.
    I’m too busy to work anyway…

Now the hard part…

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rm -fr docs is like accidently calling your girlfriend fat.
Once you’ve let it slip out there’s no taking it back.

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That's ok too

Tone: ...'cause when I'm not around everyone's like; "Where's Tone?", "Why isn't Tone here?", "Everything's better when Tone's around." At least that's what I assume.
Steve: Close. It's more like; "Where's that fucking Tone?", "I'm glad that fucking Tone isn't here.", "Everything's better when Tone's not around."
Tone: Oh? Well, either way.

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       Anthony searched for parking and reflected on how melancholy he had become in recent years. The optimist he’d once been would have been greatly disappointed.
       Does attitude filter perception and then become reality? Then perhaps he could improve his situation by reversing his attitude…
       He was so absorbed with this task, taking on a positive outlook, that he forgot to kill the engine before exiting his car, but he did remember to lock the door.
       The newly forming positive attitude didn’t stand a chance against cold, hard reality.
       “No, you’re right”, he said to the universe, “life really is shit.”

©opyleft 2004 Tone Milazzo
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create your own visited country map
or write about it on the open travel guide

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       On the outside they may be masters of business or politics. But here, they are only courtiers vying for her favors.
       She doesn’t care about talent, persistence or personalities. Her only interest; those who were interested in her, self-absorbed to the point where other people were either accessories, or irrelevant.
       The source of her power? Control of the clipboard and the microphone.
       “Excuse me?” one of the plebeians asks, “I signed the list thirty minutes ago and I’m sure the last three singers signed up after me.”
       “You don’t understand”, she condescends to explain, “we have a system here…”

©opyleft 2004 Tone Milazzo

Dedicated to the woman who runs Karaoke at The Ould Sod.

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Junior Software EngineerEntitech is looking for someone with 5+ years of experience and dual PhD’s in Computer Science and EE.
Qualified candidates should not apply, this position has been outsource to India for $11,000 a year providing the CEO with a large enough bonus to buy himself another boat.

Software Engineer IWe are building a team to aid in the initial release of Selident2004. Qualified candidates will possess at least ten years of experience with Selident2004.

Computer ProgrammerRequires fifteen years of experience with sentient computers that won’t be invented until the 28th century. Might consider candidates who are experienced with technology salvaged from alien spacecraft if sufficiently advanced.
Required technologies: Indistinguishable from Magic. Full of Stars.
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