The extra challenge: I added an extra condition to this story, in addition to the hundred word limit I had to use three consecutive days of Marriam-Webster’s Word of the Day.

       “It’s criminal!”
       “It’s not criminal, Enid, I’m enforcing the law.”
       “Well, then it’s immoral!”
       “I won’t debate this. I need employment, and I need it now.”
       “By oppressing the masses? Oliver, if you had any gumption you wouldn’t consider becoming a… Martinet!”
       “So you have ‘gumption’? You’re squatting in a derelict building cum commune with the Bohemian Ennead; Pretension, Ostentation, Exhibition, Fatalism, Peculation, Retrogress, Habituation, Melancholy and Flummox.”
       Enid considered his riposte then asked, “You think Sara embodies flummox?”

       The next morning Enid’s words still pestered Oliver. He felt like a Hessian as he mounted the electric Parking Enforcement Vehicle.

©opyleft 2003 Tone Milazzo
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       Dillon checked himself once more in the hotel elevator’s mirrored interior. He was getting nervous. This wasn’t just a first date, it was his first date for pay.
       Room 214, to the left.
       They called her “Insatiable”, the agency’s best customer. She devoured men, at least three a week, sometimes in pairs. She was the agency’s initiation and trial by fire, less then half of the new escorts passed.
       He knocked on the door.
       When it opened Dillon knew he couldn’t go through with it.
       He looked down at the familiar woman in the red evening dress and said, “Mom?”

©opyleft 2003 Tone Milazzo
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       Jacob looked out to where the Diligence had been mired. He wanted to run into the water and swim after her, but she had already sailed over the horizon.
       He couldn’t build a raft. The island wasn’t much more than a sandbar and it only hosted the one palm tree that he had been sleeping under.
       He could light the grass and make a signal fire, but there were no ships in view.
       Option after option presented themselves and were dismissed as Jacob stared into the water.
       By evening the precession of ideas had stopped, and Jacob was still staring.

©opyleft 2003 Tone Milazzo
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Chris: “They’re making a fucking ‘Aliens vs Predator’ movie.”
Tone: “Well, you know, most of the 80’s licenses are coming back now.”
Chris: “Yeah, and one of them is your governor.”

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Prometheus' flawed gift

When I heard about the fire this is what I grabbed and in what order.

  1. my laptop
  2. my writer’s notebook
  3. a couple of books that Dan had lent me
  4. Catch-22 and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, both library books
  5. Crowley’s Magick, in Theory and Practice, because it was so hard to find.
  6. about twelve short boxes of comic books, that’s about two thirds of my collection
  7. a few boxes of DVDs

I unloaded the car at ‘s place I came back for more comics, DVDs and then I remembered that I might need clothes.
Thanks to Dan, Jen, Denise, and Steve for helping me out.

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The real title is;

class law{
    law( what * What ){
        do( What->thou_wilt())

       “Is it metaphor or paradigm?” +h3r10n answered as he sat in front of his computer, “I don’t know, but all the elements are there; firewalls are wards, agents are spirits, a shell is a microcosm to the computer’s macrocosm. Virtual reality correlates with astral projection, Aboriginal Dreamtime, Otherworld etcetera…”
       “Except that no one’s made VR work.”
       “Oh, I’ve made VR work, my friend”, he took a small yellow envelope from his shirt pocket, opened it, and shook a rough green button into his hand. He considered it a moment and then looked up at me and smiled.
       “The peyote helps.”

©opyleft 2003 Tone Milazzo

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My comic was rejected by EPIC this week. I wasn’t really expecting to be accepted, Seize Him! is a little to mature for Marvel, and EPIC seems to have lost interest in characters they don’t already own.

Dear Marvel Fan:
I have a name you know.
Thank you for your submission to EPIC.
No problem.
Unfortunately, we cannot accept your material or invite
you to join the EPIC program at this time.

Can we still be friends?
Although we don't feel that you are quite ready for
a book of your own...

Am I ready to write on someone else’s book then? Maybe I
could write the sound effects on Avengers for a few

...we were impressed with the quality of your work.
So impressed that you sent me your very best form letter?
While the number of submissions prevents us from giving
you a detailed critique...

…we do recommend that the word ‘booty-licious’ should not be spoken by Galactus more than once per issue.
...we encourage you to continue your development and
consider submitting to EPIC again.

Oh yeah, Marvel? Well why don’t you consider this! This gesture that I’m making with my left hand right now! It only takes one finger to make!
If you do send future submission, please make sure you
also submit...

…twenty dollars. A good bribe is the best way to EPIC stardom!
...the appropriate forms, because without those, we cannot
review your work. Please note that, due to the volume of
submissions, we cannot keep or return your material;

Oh shit.

we dispose of it...

OH SHIT!!! keep a copy for your self.
Nooooooooooooooooooooo! My script! The only copy of my script is riding around the Atlantic on one of those New York City garbage barges!
Thank you for your effort and your interest in EPIC

Oh yeah, I’m really interested in Crimson Dynamo.
We wish you all the best.
We wish you all the best… someplace else.
EPIC Submissions Editor

Years of personal rejection by women have prepared me for this moment. I’ve learned they can’t defeat a man who has already defeated himself.
Seriously, Sam mailed me a cdrom with the pages on it. The real submissions will begin shortly.

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I was put on the defensive last night by another writer after mentioning that I outline my stories before writing.

"How can they breathe if you restrict them with your predetermined story?", she asked. "Why can’t you let your characters live free to discover their own destinies?"

Because I don’t want to. Fuck ’em. They’re my characters, I made them and they live or die at my whim. That’s what they get for being fictional.

Just because we (usually) read a story from the beginning straight through to the end doesn’t mean I have to write them that way.

Time isn’t necessarily linear. We perceive time as linear, but it’s possible that a being from a higher dimension (for simplicities sake let’s call him/her/it "God") can rotate, manipulate and observe the forth dimension (let’s call the forth dimension "time") as easily as we can effect second and third dimensional objects.

As the writer I am God of my story/world, so why should I limit myself to linear time?

I start by writing down scenes, actions, plot-points, bits of dialogs and other elements that I might want in the story. When I have enough material I sort this list into a rough continuity. This list isn’t set in stone, but it gives me some direction, it lets me know where to take the story.

I feel that this method helps prevent writer’s block. If I get stuck on the third scene I can leave it and work on a different scene, and I can come back to the problem scene when I feel inspired.

We eventually agreed that both methods are valid.

Whatever works, for you is the superior method because no one will really care how a story was written, they’ll only care if it’s good or not.

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Countdown to Submission

…huh, ‘Countdown to Submission’? That was a movie about the BDSM scene among astronauts.
Sam Finished the second five pages and I’ve put them up on the Seize Him #1 Sample Page (yes they’re still hard to read, sorry).
Now we have enough to submit to every major comic book company (except DC).

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I’ve put Sam’s partially colored, lettered pages up on the Seize Him! #1 sample page.
I tried to infiltrate Wildstorm Comics yesterday. My plan was to staple one of my new business cards to an application in hopes that the right person would see the url and check out what I’ve got.
Well, Wildstorm does all their hiring through Warner, so no application for me. They don’t have any openings anyway. Turns out it wasn’t a new idea either, the guy at the front desk was just answering their phones until a colorist position opened up. He did give me some free comics though so the trip wasn’t a total waste.

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