I was put on the defensive last night by another writer after mentioning that I outline my stories before writing.

"How can they breathe if you restrict them with your predetermined story?", she asked. "Why can’t you let your characters live free to discover their own destinies?"

Because I don’t want to. Fuck ’em. They’re my characters, I made them and they live or die at my whim. That’s what they get for being fictional.

Just because we (usually) read a story from the beginning straight through to the end doesn’t mean I have to write them that way.

Time isn’t necessarily linear. We perceive time as linear, but it’s possible that a being from a higher dimension (for simplicities sake let’s call him/her/it "God") can rotate, manipulate and observe the forth dimension (let’s call the forth dimension "time") as easily as we can effect second and third dimensional objects.

As the writer I am God of my story/world, so why should I limit myself to linear time?

I start by writing down scenes, actions, plot-points, bits of dialogs and other elements that I might want in the story. When I have enough material I sort this list into a rough continuity. This list isn’t set in stone, but it gives me some direction, it lets me know where to take the story.

I feel that this method helps prevent writer’s block. If I get stuck on the third scene I can leave it and work on a different scene, and I can come back to the problem scene when I feel inspired.

We eventually agreed that both methods are valid.

Whatever works, for you is the superior method because no one will really care how a story was written, they’ll only care if it’s good or not.

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Countdown to Submission

…huh, ‘Countdown to Submission’? That was a movie about the BDSM scene among astronauts.
Sam Finished the second five pages and I’ve put them up on the Seize Him #1 Sample Page (yes they’re still hard to read, sorry).
Now we have enough to submit to every major comic book company (except DC).

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I’ve put Sam’s partially colored, lettered pages up on the Seize Him! #1 sample page.
I tried to infiltrate Wildstorm Comics yesterday. My plan was to staple one of my new business cards to an application in hopes that the right person would see the url and check out what I’ve got.
Well, Wildstorm does all their hiring through Warner, so no application for me. They don’t have any openings anyway. Turns out it wasn’t a new idea either, the guy at the front desk was just answering their phones until a colorist position opened up. He did give me some free comics though so the trip wasn’t a total waste.

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More inked page goodness

Sam has finished inking the first four pages of Seize_Him! and they look great!
Here are pages one, two, three, and four.
Meanwhile, I’ve been researching publishers and finishing issue two.

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Pages are coming in!

Sam and I have been going back and forth on character designs and page breakdowns. This is going to be the first page of Seize Him!
It’s very cool to see my creation begin to come to life like this.

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Momentum builds

I still haven’t heard back from Steve Jackson Games but that’s OK. I can live without GURPS Black Magic (don’t tell them I said that). I’ve been working on Seize Him! (which will be up on the Projects page once I’ve submitted for the copyright).
I met Sam Mooney at the latest San Diego Comic Con and I think his style will be perfect for the book. We’ll be submitting to Dark Horse Comics once he’s drawn up the first 10 pages of issue one.

So everything is going to plan. That makes me feel like I’m on the right track.

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