Picking Up the Ghost

Living in St. Jude, a 110-year-old dying city on the edge of the Mississippi, is tough. But when a letter informs fourteen-year-old Cinque Williams of the passing of the father he never met, he is faced with an incomplete past and an uncertain future.

A curse meant for his father condemns Cinque to a slow death even as it opens his eyes to the strange otherworld around him. With help from the ghost Willy T, an enigmatic White Woman named Iku, an African Loa, and a devious shape-shifter,

Cinque gathers the tools to confront the ghost of his dead father. But he will learn that sometimes too much knowledge can be dangerous―and the people he trusts most are those poised to betray him.

“Picking up the Ghost is an unusual and fascinating story about the search for identity and inner strength cleverly written in a way that is entertaining and accessible for teens. . . . It’s a well-written book and I give it 4 stars.”
―Tahlia Newland

“. . . this debut entertains with an original approach and mix of breezy humor and dark fantasy.”
―Publishers Weekly

“Tone Milazzo travels beyond stereotype of the non-black author writing about African Americans. He portrays a different 21st century reality of African American teenage maleness in Cinque’s world using complex multi-planar African American realities that embrace an existence of spirit worlds within worlds to write a counter stereotype coming of age narrative.”
―Sonic Tapestry

You might have read about ChiZine and the fallout from the publisher’s conduct, personal and professional.
Consequently, I’ve opted to pull the publishing rights for Picking Up the Ghost.
But I have 100 copies that I would like to sell before I begin the search for a new publisher.

You can buy signed copies direct from me here: $12 each, free shipping in the US