The Final Stretch

The Guild of Literary Intent liked the new first chapter of Picking Up the Ghost so I just have a little work to do on the novel itself, finish the summery (currently 15 pages, it should be 10) and write a query letter and I’ll be ready to send it off to publishers and agents.

I really shouldn’t kid myself, there will be at least one more rewrite for the publisher and maybe one for the agent but for now let me sit back and dream.

The Guild of Literary Intent

Picking Up the Ghost was subjected to its second workshop on Saturday and I’m happy to say that it came out stronger than it did last year. Happy because I really didn’t want to spend another year rewriting the thing.

Most of the suggestions this time around should be easy to implement and I’ll hopefully have the next (and final?) draft done in a few months.


Only three pages this week. I’m in the mood to take a break but I really want to get a readable draft finished before we take off on our road trip and I have two weeks to do it.

Fingers crossed.

83,433 words and counting.

I was on fire this weekend.

14 pages since Friday. Though, to be fair I salvaged maybe five of those from the previous draft, from huge blocks of text that I thought I’d have to cut entirely.

Still, I’m pretty happy with myself. I’m a whole lot closer to my goal: Draft 3.0 done by November.

But now I gotta stop and do some research.