So burnt.

Writing has become a chore so I’m going to take some time off from working on the novel and work on a different project for awhile.

I can’t remember the last time I worked on a comic book project. Maybe it’s time to get back to that. If anything it’s be nice to have a seven issue limited series all written out.

Hey, , I think I might be ready for that invite into the “City of” MMORPGs, if you’re still playing.

Going into the third draft.

After listening to the recordings we made of our first and second workshops and reading the annotations on ‘s hard copy, I consolidated the notes and I’m ready to start in on the third draft. I’ve already crossed out everything that has to be cut.

For those of you who have read the second draft that means I’m losing any reference to the Half-Way World/Purgatory, most of the scene in the meatworks (including the Cowboy and the ladder-in-the-pit), the entire water dream will be replaced and the scene with Iku in the church will be completely rewritten. And there will be far fewer semi-colons.

I will be adding: More of the supporting cast in the second half, especially Cinque’s family. The importance of Cinque’s interactions with the supernatural characters will be more explicit. More emoting during conversations. More St Jude in the second half. More of the bad guy in the first half. More race and father issues throughout both halves.

The workshoper thought that I had drawn on The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn for influence so I decided to finaly read it to see what they were talking about. Both stories take place along the Mississippi and I have a Mark Twain quote in the first chapter. Strangest of all, Tom Sawyer briefly uses the alias “William Thompson” which is the name of one of my main characters.

Going into the third draft.

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Moving towards the third draft

Saturday I got together with Melissa, Justin and David and they discussed the first twelve chapters of Picking Up the Ghost while I listened.
I came away with a list of 21 items that I should address in the third draft: More of the supporting cast, more reasons why the supporting cast is in the book at all, stronger connections between events that I thought were clear, more emoting during conversations, more emotional reactions from the main character, less semi-colons and on and on…

How about you people on the internets? Those of you who asked for copies of draft 2.5, any feedback?

Picking Up the Ghost – Draft 2.4 done

71,200 words (no holes or parts left that need fleshing out)
285 pages
25 Chapters

Last night, with Melissa’s help, I was able to fill in the last missing section.

This was the last of the second drafts. The last of the hidden drafts. It’s time to start showing it to people.

I was going to post it publicly online for peer review but when I suggested it on people started flipping out. Maybe old media, even print, is scared enough of new media that leaking the whole thing might be an obstacle to publication.

I still want to put it in front of readers before I put it in front of writers, but I’ll hide it behind the only message board I’m a part of.

Of course, if anyone reading this wants a copy of the word file, just let me know.